CALLING ALL COLUMBUS, OHIO YOUTUBE ENTHUSIASTS: I’m ramping up production for my YouTube channel to put out many more videos over the coming months, and I need a couple interns to help me out. 
I’m looking for people who live in the Columbus, OH area, are at least 16 years old, and are willing to dedicate at least 4 hours a week to this internship starting in late May-June. These interns will be filming videos, helping with creative ideation, and learning how a professional YouTube channel operates. 
It's gonna be work, but it's also gonna be fun.
On my channel we create a series that’s a lot like Mythbusters, but instead of testing only myths that people have heard of, we take a concept people are already familiar with, ask a ridiculous question about it, and then test it out using science and engineering. I have over 4 years of experience, and I have ongoing relationships with multiple major creators and industry experts. Far more goes into a channel than most people see from the outside, and if you’re interested in a look behind the curtain, this is a rare opportunity to do so.
I’m looking to bring 1-2 people on the team to help with filming and creative ideation, for approximately 4 hours a week, each. The specific day and time is flexible, but I’m primarily looking for afternoon or evening availability. As you'll see in my videos, most of the filming for this channel takes place at the Columbus Idea Foundry (link here), and when testing bigger projects we usually shoot on location. ex: when testing the life-size paper boat, we went to a river.
To be clear, this is an unpaid internship. The channel does make money, after all it is a business, but everything that’s made right now is invested directly back into the channel itself. I’d love for that to change and I intend to offer pay in the future as I continue to grow my audience and find more ways to monetize the channel. 
This opportunity is for someone who is interested in a unique chance to learn about YouTube & the online video industry, and who is willing to spend a little of their time to work as a part of my team to gain some firsthand experience. By the end of your time here, you'll have the skills needed to "run and gun" with the best of 'em. 
No prior experience is necessary, all you need to do to apply is to either DM me on social media (@weiszcracks), send me a linkedin message, or email me at Just say why you’re interested, who a few of your favorite youtubers are, and why you think you'd be a good fit. 
You're also welcome to use the contact page on this website. I’ll get back to you ASAP. 
The sooner you reach out the better, as I do expect these spots to fill fairly quickly.

You can check out the series by clicking this link.
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